Can Yellow Teeth Become White with Teeth Whitening Treatment?

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Can Yellow Teeth Become White with Teeth Whitening Treatment?

May 1, 2022

A smile can speak volumes, so they say. If this is true, then what do yellow teeth say? In most cases, yellow teeth are considered unattractive and, at times, can be mistaken for poor oral hygiene. This might be why most people these days are seeking teeth whitening in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

A dazzling smile is a huge confidence booster, and that’s why people are using different methods of whitening their teeth. Therefore, you should be careful since not every whitening product will give you the desired results. But before we get into the reason you need to seek our teeth whitening dentist, let’s see if whitening works.

Does Teeth Whitening Fix Yellow Teeth?

Dental technology isn’t what it used to be decades ago. Our teeth whitening dentist has new tricks up the sleeve to make teeth whitening a fantastic experience. Also, dental technology has made available different whitening treatments. But all these treatments have one component in common – peroxide.

Our dentist will cover your soft tissues using a protective gel during your whitening procedure. Then, the peroxide will be applied to your teeth’s surface. Peroxide is absorbed very quickly by the enamel.

The peroxide (hydrogen or carbamide) contains volatile oxygen molecules (free radicals). When these molecules touch the stains on your teeth, they react and break the chemical bonds that hold the stains on your teeth. This process reduces the intensity of the stains, and your smile becomes whiter.

You will need more applications to get the desired results on certain occasions.

Is It Worth It to Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

In this day and age, you are spoiled for choice if you are looking for a teeth whitening treatment. You have an array of options that you can go for, including the ones administered by our dentist, prescribed by our dentist that you can use at home, and the ones you obtain from your local store without guidance from our dentist.

You need to know that all the teeth whitening options vary in the level of efficacy and safety. So, it will be in your best interests when you discuss the teeth whitening methods with our teeth whitening dentist.

So, our dentist will recommend a bleaching method depending on the type of discoloration, your dental history, the cost, your age (pertaining to kids), and the treatment options available.

In any case, professional teeth whitening comes with the following benefits:

  • Safety

Teeth whitening products contain peroxide, so when it is applied without any expertise, there is a chance that the gums and even teeth can be damaged. What’s more, teeth whitening can come with tooth sensitivity. Our dentist considers this issue even before the treatment commences to ensure less tooth sensitivity. You might even get fluoride treatment to help deal with tooth sensitivity.

When you decide to visit our dentist, you are guaranteed to get safe teeth whitening compared to doing it yourself.

  • Guaranteed Results

If you have ever used teeth whitening products offered at your local store, you most probably know that they don’t deliver what they advertised. This is because these products might need multiple applications for there to be visible change.

But this is not the case with professional teeth whitening. You will begin to see changes immediately after the whitening session. What’s more, you will receive expert tips on how you can maintain your bright smile.

  • Customized Treatment

You must have realized that teeth whitening products sold at your local stores are designed for everyone. The problem with a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment is that it will not meet your specific needs. For instance, you might decide to get whitening strips and find that they are ill-fitting, which means that your teeth will be unevenly whitened.

On the other hand, our dentist will take time to look at your teeth, determine the type of stains, and ask about your desired outcome. All the information our dentist gathers will be used to create the whitening treatment suited for you.

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  • Improved Oral Health

You will notice that when you come for teeth whitening at our office, our dentist will deal with other issues prior to whitening your teeth. In other words, you will not get your teeth whitened, and you have untreated gum disease or cavities. Your teeth will also be professionally cleaned to remove plaque and tartar.

Teeth whitening is what crowns a healthy smile. It is more or less the icing on the cake.

You can contact us at Tahoe Dentist if you desire to undergo teeth whitening in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

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