Emergency Dentistry in South Lake Tahoe, CA

If you or someone near you required emergency dentistry in South Lake Tahoe, CA, would you know what to do or where to go for services? Our dentist near you provides emergency services for patients that need immediate and proper oral health treatment. Advises patients to keep the contact information for Tahoe Dentist with other emergency numbers to be fully prepared to acquire emergency dental services.

What Determines an Emergency Dental Situation?

An emergency dental situation refers to any oral health symptoms or complications that pose a risk to the patient’s life or basic well-being. Of course, if a patient is suffering oral bleeding that cannot be stopped or oral swelling that compromises their breathing, these are potentially life-threatening situations that require immediate emergency dental care. Other critical oral health situations include sudden tooth loss, serious trauma, or injury to the mouth, or intense and persistent tooth pain. These symptoms and conditions reflect an emergency dental situation that requires treatment with a professional dental care team as soon as possible.

Who Is at Risk for a Dental Emergency?

In theory, everyone is at some risk for a dental emergency. However, some people pose higher risks than others. For example, athletes who don’t wear sports or mouth guards to protect their teeth and gums may experience injury or trauma to the mouth during play. Children are also at risk for mouth injury as they begin crawling and walking and get used to balancing themselves. Older adults with balance issues and a higher risk of falling may also suffer oral health injuries.

In addition, patients who have recently undergone oral surgery are more at risk for a dental emergency. This includes potential critical conditions such as excessive or unstoppable oral bleeding as well as severe oral swelling. If any of these symptoms are present, immediate treatment is required.

Don’t let a dental emergency catch you unaware and unprepared. Contact Tahoe Dentist for information about emergency dentistry near you. Our dentist in South Lake Tahoe, CA is committed to your overall oral health, including providing emergency services to patients when needed.

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