Smile With Confidence: How Partials and Full Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Smile With Confidence: How Partials and Full Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

May 1, 2023

Tooth loss is one of the causes of poor self-image, low esteem, and confidence. You will be embarrassed to smile or talk around new people when your smile is unattractive. Therefore, your career and social life will suffer. Fortunately, you can restore your smile and confidence using dentures. Read on to learn about partials & full dentures in South Lake Tahoe.

Do You Need a Partial Denture?

The family dentist in South Lake Tahoe provides various options to restore missing teeth. One of the treatments recommended for replacing a few missing teeth is partial dentures. Partial dentures have artificial gums and replacement teeth.

They are fabricated from acrylic or cobalt chrome and have a metal framework. Partial dentures can be removable or fixed. Removable ones are held in position using clasps and can be taken out at will. Fixed dentures are stabilized using dental implants attached to your jawbone. Both types restore dental function and improve facial aesthetics.

You may need partial dentures if you do not want to remain toothless after an extraction. Your dentist will fix temporary partial dentures on the gap while you wait for permanent restorations. Partial dentures are ideal for people who want quick and non-invasive tooth replacement.

Is a Complete Denture Ideal for You?

A complete or full denture is an oral appliance that replaces all teeth in the mouth. The dentist near you may recommend complete dentures if you want to restore your smile and looks. They may also prescribe them to correct your speaking and chewing functions.

When considering getting dentures, you must decide if you want conventional or immediate ones. Conventional dentures are fitted a few weeks after dental extraction. Immediate ones are pre-made and fitted right away. However, they must be adjusted after a while due to natural changes in your gums and jawbone.

Complete dentures are removable. They are held in place using suction or dental adhesives. However, your dentist can stabilize and make them look more natural using dental implants. You must clean your dentures properly each day to prevent oral health issues. Also, you should remove and soak the appliances overnight. It prevents them from being brittle.

Discover Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are teeth restorations that resemble traditional dentures. However, they do not rest on top of the gums. Instead, these dentures are supported by small metal posts embedded in the jawbone called dental implants. Implant-supported dentures can be fixed or removable. They restore dental function and give you a youthful, more attractive look.

The dentist near you can replace all or a few teeth in your mouth using implant-supported dentures. However, you must have a healthy mouth with enough jaw bone to get the dentures. If your jawbone cannot support an implant, the dentist will do dental bone grafting. Although the procedure is invasive, the results are worth it.

These dentures have more advantages compared to traditional ones. For example, they:

  • Are more stable, making speaking and eating easier
  • prevent jaw bone loss helping to preserve your facial structure
  • Improve oral health since they do not damage the gums or cause inflammation
  • Are more natural-looking
  • Are durable and do not need frequent adjustments or replacements

How Do I Choose the Right Partial or Complete Dentures?

When you want to restore your smile with dentures, they will help you. They will evaluate several things to determine which type of denture is ideal for you. Some of the things they consider for partials & full dentures in South Lake Tahoe are listed below.

  • How many teeth need replacing?
  • How do your remaining teeth look, and how do they fit together?
  • The anatomy of your mouth, including jaw bone density and size
  • Your smile goals
  • The appearance of your face, is it affected by jawbone loss?
  • Do you want removable or fixed dentures?
  • Do you want your dentures immediately after an extraction, or can you wait a while?
  • Are you allergic to metals or acrylic used in denture fabrication?
  • How much money can you afford to use on dentures?
  • Do you mind having visible metal clips on your dentures, or do you prefer precision attachments?

Do you have missing or severely damaged teeth and want to replace them with dentures? Then book an appointment at Tahoe Dentist. Our dental team will evaluate your smile to determine your most suitable denture.

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