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What Is the Best Way to Straighten Teeth?

November 1, 2022

Treatments to straighten teeth are designed explicitly according to the needs of every patient. The best way to straighten teeth is to visit an orthodontist specializing in teeth straightening for patients of all ages. The specialist creates a treatment plan according to the situation’s complexity affecting the patient. While the therapy provided by the orthodontist is the best method to straighten teeth, the treatment differs for every patient.

For example, children with crooked and misaligned teeth or crowding in their mouths receive orthodontic corrections with metal brackets, wires, and bands. The orthodontic appliance is not aesthetically pleasing but delivers effective results in straightening children’s teeth to give them a beautiful smile. However, adults seeking orthodontic treatments might find the unappealing appearance of traditional metal and wire braces embarrassing and might seek alternatives for straightening their teeth according to their needs. They might consider Invisalign in South Lake Tahoe, CA, provided by certified dentists from Invisalign, as the best remedy for their situation.

Are Invisible Braces Worth It?

Invisible braces introduced in the late 90s have proven themselves as an excellent alternative to straighten mildly or moderately misaligned teeth and have quickly gained popularity among adults with orthodontic imperfections. Invisible braces provide a comfortable alternative to conventional braces because they do not include metal brackets or wires. Instead, the invisible braces fit snugly over the teeth to help straighten teeth gradually by applying forces to move them incrementally.

Currently, invisible braces from Invisalign have helped straighten teeth in over 5 million patients globally, giving them straighter teeth with a beautiful smile for teenage and adult patients. They have also encouraged adults to seek orthodontic treatment that they didn’t receive during childhood. Therefore confirming that invisible braces are worth investing in would not be unjustified.

Which Teeth Straightening Method Is Best?

Orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth are not created in a one size fits all category. While every method of straightening teeth is optimal, the situation affecting the patient determines which treatment is best for their specific needs.

Patients with complicated orthodontic situations with widely gapped, crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth with severe protrusion or under bites benefit better from conventional orthodontic therapy. However, not every orthodontic imperfection is similar, and many people are affected by mild to moderate situations of the above comfortably treated by Invisalign aligners. Therefore an assessment by the therapy provider is essential to determine which treatment is best for every patient.

How Do People Benefit from Invisalign Therapy?

Invisalign therapy doesn’t require people to wear metal brackets and wires on their teeth but provides them with Invisalign braces custom created for their teeth after capturing images of their mouth with updated intraoral cameras and scanners. The braces from Invisalign are designed from dental grade BPA-free plastic with a removable feature to help patients proceed through the treatment comfortably.

As Invisalign therapy corrects problems with the teeth and not the jaw, it enables patients to complete treatment faster by wearing the braces on the teeth for 22 hours every day instead of 24. Invisalign requires patients to remove the aligners when eating or drinking liquids and brush and floss their teeth. Patients obtain a series of aligners to wear over their teeth every 15 days, after which they must change to a new aligner.

The lack of brackets and wires eliminates the need to see orthodontists for monthly adjustments. Instead, patients must visit the Invisalign provider once every six to eight weeks for an assessment of their progress and to pick up their fresh batch of aligners.

The Invisalign system doesn’t restrict patients from eating the foods they love or maintaining appropriate dental hygiene. Instead, it enables patients to achieve their goal of having beautiful-looking teeth complementing a smile without the restrictions familiar with conventional orthodontics.

People desiring to benefit from the Invisalign system must adhere to the provider’s instructions to keep the aligners over their teeth for the stipulated 22 hours or more, if possible, to straighten teeth. However, adult patients confirm Invisalign is undoubtedly the best way to straighten teeth because it enables them to achieve results faster and comfortably without the hassle of wearing metal brackets and wires over their teeth.

The best way to straighten teeth is to seek orthodontic treatment, but which therapy suits the patient’s needs the best is determined by the complexity of the situation affecting them. All orthodontic treatments are not similar and explicitly created for every patient. However, the treatments are effective and help patients achieve their desired goals.

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