What Happens When You Neglect Six Monthly Visits to Your Dentist?

What Happens When You Neglect Six Monthly Visits to Your Dentist?

January 6, 2022

Do you think six-monthly visits to your dentist are an unnecessary hassle because you maintain your dental health in proper condition? Are you prepared to confront unpleasant surprises by neglecting visits to the Tahoe Dentist merely because you consider it a hassle to visit them? Of course, you may find it challenging to schedule appointments because of your hectic schedule or any other reason. However, if you neglect the six-monthly dental visits, you leave yourself exposed to various consequences that you never imagined.

Why Are Dental Visits Essential?

Would you like to understand why these dental visits are essential? You may have an excellent oral hygiene regimen and believe your teeth and gums are unaffected by any problems. However, can you overlook the occurrences of any infections in your mouth within a week or even overnight? If you can’t, the optimal option for you is to contact the dental facility mentioned above for a dental checkup near me. The visit to the dental facility undoubtedly costs some money. Still, it will probably accrue many benefits, including savings, because the dentist checks for issues in your mouth and treats them promptly to avoid complications later.

How Often Is It Essential for You to Get a Dental Cleaning?

You brush your teeth every morning and before getting into bed at night, thinking you have done a proper job. However, can you guarantee your toothbrush reaches every nook and corner of your mouth to remove bacterial plaque from the difficult-to-reach areas? The bacterial plaque classifies to tartar a couple of days, making it non-removable with a toothbrush requiring professional help.

If you think tartar is harmless, we suggest you consider your thoughts again because it is the leading cause of gum disease that makes you prone to a lifetime of frequent treatments from dentists to maintain the condition unless you stop it in its tracks. How often you brush or how efficiently you do it doesn’t matter because tartar develops from the excess plaque on your teeth. Therefore it is optimal for you to get both dental exams and cleanings in South Lake Tahoe, CA, every six months to avoid the consequences of your neglect.

What happens during the Dental Examination Procedure

The dental examination procedure is similar to any other exam of parts of your body conducted by medical professionals. The sole difference is that you visit a dentist who looks inside your mouth, detecting signs of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, bad breath, staining, and oral cancer.

If you think none of the above are severe conditions, consider the possibility of a cavity developing in your teeth and lying untreated for several months until the bacteria infect the dental pulp and your jawbone. The infection spreads through your bloodstream to cause various health problems requiring attention from different medical professionals at considerable costs.

Why should you fear the dental examination when all you do is open your mouth for the dentist to detect any problems affecting you? Instead of worrying about the analysis, you must welcome it as an opportunity to get peace of mind knowing your oral and overall health are in excellent condition.

Please do not assume you must schedule another appointment for a dental cleaning after the examination. Dentists are aware you may not have the time or the money to spend on multiple appointments and combine the exams and cleanings in one meeting. Soon after the dentist examines your teeth, gums, and entire mouth, a dental hygienist assumes the responsibility of the cleaning procedure to clean your teeth thoroughly.

The Dental Cleaning

The dental cleaning is not fearsome or painful but is merely a process to remove hardened tartar and plaque from between your teeth and below the gum line. Tiny instruments like mirrors and scalers help the hygienist to give you a deep clean for tartar removal you may have inadvertently allowed accumulating. You also receive a flossing demonstration from the hygienist who gets deep between your teeth to locate trouble spots that might bleed during the flossing.

Your teeth are polished after plaque and tartar removal to leave you with brighter teeth and a gleaming smile. Finally, you also receive a fluoride treatment to battle against cavities for the next several months.

After the dentist and hygienist complete the exams and cleanings, they discuss your oral health and advise whether you need any restorations or changes to your oral hygiene regimen or diet. The entire procedure is completed within the hour, leaving you with peace of mind knowing everything is fine with your mouth and doesn’t require expensive treatments from dentists or medical professionals.

Visiting your dentist for six-monthly visits or neglecting them is entirely your choice. However, if you care for your oral and overall health, you must try to keep up with the visits not just for yourself but for your entire family. We hope he will refrain from neglecting dental visits ever again henceforth.

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