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Zoom 2 Laser Bleaching System

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In one visit, Zoom! laser whitening penetrates deeper into the enamel than home bleaching, for a more dramatic result.

Home Bleaching

The Home Bleaching procedure requires an initial visit for impressions of your teeth, so that we can make custom trays. These clear plastic trays hold a gel that usually whitens your teeth gradually over a several week period. You can wear them at night or during the day depending on which system you chose. We can also "jump- start" your home bleaching with a 30 minute treatment when we deliver your trays.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Bleaching is a safe and painless procedure, therefore, no analgesic or tooth reduction is necessary. Depending on how well you maintain your teeth, results should last about five years.


A: Teeth are darkened in three different ways. The most common are the dark brown stains that are brought on coffee, tea and tobacco. Aside from this, if you do not practice sufficient oral hygiene, plaque will build up on your teeth. If this is not removed, tartar may form and appear as dark areas around the gum-line. The third class of stains appear as white blotches or brownish-grey bands on the tooth's surface. These form from medications such as tetracycline and become part of the tooth's structure.


A: 90% of patients have had successful results from bleaching. However, it is not certain how much whiter your teeth will become because of the different stains involved and the strength of the bleaching system chosen. Whitening surface stains from coffee and smoking has proven to be much more satisfactory than bleaching the brownish-grey stains from medicines. Bleaching may be discouraged from some people by the dentist if teeth and gums are sensitive. If the dentist determines that you are a candidate for tooth bleaching, they will provide the bleaching system that will provide the best results.


A: If you want your teeth lightened immediately, your teeth may be bleached at the dental office by a laser or another bleaching system. However, a slower and more cost-efficient procedure is done at home and provides the same results. This home procedure involves a very thin and comfortable mouth guard made at the dental office and bleaching materials provided by the dentist. Different solutions of different strengths are used for this. The results of the bleaching process strongly depends on the strength of the solution and the amount of time you wear the mouthguard. The commonly used home bleaching gel is carbamide peroxide (10% to 20%) or hydrogen peroxide (5% to 7%), for shorter wearing time. The office bleaching system utilizes 35% hydrogen peroxide and activates it with an argon laser.

Because new equipment and materials are constantly being made due to our continuous change in technology, the system used for bleaching in the future could be entirely different from what is used today. So if you choose to have your teeth whitened, the system selected for you would correspond with the latest technology in teeth bleaching.